Reprinted with permission from author, John McPherson

Farm Trivia

These are questions that will challenge some of you that have a "farm background" and for those of you without much farm "larnen", perhaps it will serve to educate. New questions, and answers to old questions, will be posted from time to time. Enjoy and good luck! If you're really bold - Click here to E-mail me your answers.

1.     A horse that stands 15 hands high, is how tall? Answer: 60 inches (One hand = 4 inches)

2.     What is another name for one square mile of land? Answer: A Section of land

3.     One square mile of land contains how many acres? For you metric buffs: How many hectares are in a square kilometer? Answer: 640 acres; 100 hectares

4.     A bushel of each of the following, weighs how many pounds:
Corn (shelled)? Answer: 56
Soybeans? Answer: 60
? Answer: 60
Oats? Answer: 32

5.     A new 180 horsepower John Deere tractor with mechanical front wheel drive would cost about how much?
c.)$95,000 (Was this 7 years ago)
d.)$110,000 This is Correct

6.     The United States raises about what percent of the world's corn (1999)?
b.)40% This is Correct

7.     Do ears of corn have an even or odd number of rows of kernels on them? Answer: always even

8.     One bushel of corn produces how many gallons of ethanol?
b.)2.5 This is Correct

9.     Which of the following represent the components of yellow corn?
a.)61.0 % starch
b.)19.2 % protein & fiber
c.)3.8 % oil
d.)All of the above This is Correct

10. Consuming at least 25 grams of soy protein per day in your diet can:
a.)Help lower the risk of heart disease This is Correct
educe levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDLs), the so-called "bad cholesterol".
c.)Reduce hair loss
d.)All of the above

11. The ideal harvest moisture for corn is what percentage? Answer: 15% (13% for soybeans)

12. If the US raises a 12 billion bushel corn crop and that corn was spread evenly over every square foot of the state of Maryland, how deep would the state be covered? Answer: About 1/2 deep (Note that Rhode Island would be covered 4.2 deep!)

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