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If you had just received news that you were the winner of a $10 million lottery prize - that would be good news wouldn't it? You wouldn't turn it down, would you? After all, that much money would last a long time and the cost was right! Well, there is good news for you today! There is a gift available to you right now, at no cost and its benefits last forever!

That gift is eternal life and blessing, and it's available only from Jesus. Yes, you can try to work to receive this gift, but that's only possible if you can be perfect - for God is perfect and He can only accept relationships with perfect people. People that God doesn't accept, receive His terrible judgment when they die. This creates quite a problem for you and me, because it's all but impossible for us to be perfect on our own! It also creates a problem for God in that He loves you and me tremendously and He wants to accept us - not judge us.

Fortunately, God has provided a way for Him to accept us! He sent his perfect son, Jesus, to earth to express God's love to us. Not only that, Jesus also paid the price that was necessary to regain our relationship with God. The price was His painful death. The gift to us is, of course, more valuable than we could ever imagine! Instead of eternal judgment, it's eternal blessing! Why would anyone turn down that gift?

What do we have to do to receive this gift? Any attorney would tell you that, in order for a gift to be complete, it must be accepted. Simply accept that Jesus has done all that's needed to provide you with this gift. He's listening for you to tell Him that right now!

Here are some things that you may want to tell Him:

Jesus, I'm sorry that I'm not perfect. You know, as well as I do, that I can't be perfect on my own. I understand that You have done everything necessary to allow me to be accepted by God again - in spite of the wrong things that I've done. I want You to know that I accept this gift that You are offering me. From this moment on, I want to live my life in honor of this wonderful thing that You've done for me.

That's really all that there is to it! The gift is now yours - you are a winner!

God has explained all of the details of this process in a book called the Holy Bible. I'd encourage that you get a copy for yourself and read it. May I suggest that you start with the section called the Gospel of John. It'll also be a big help if you get to know some other people that are winners. You'll find that they have a different outlook on life than most people. You can usually find these people at any church that will tell you that they follow the Bible and accept the gift that Jesus gave. You will find it very helpful to have friends like these when there are things that you don't understand. Let Jesus become your friend also by talking with Him often. Share your happiness and hurts with Him. Remember, He loves you enough that he died for you! Congratulations, winner!

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